Comstructor helps you develop or find community software.


Add community features to a product or platform. E.g. member profiles, discussions or moderation.


Build a home for a community. E.g. a website, mobile app or a game for learning, working or playing together.


Allow other people to build communities. E.g. a social network, a messaging app or a collaboration tool.

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We help your designers, developers, and analysts with ideas and decisions related to developing or finding community software.

Comstructor Specialist Role
Comstructor Project Manager Role

Project Manager

We take charge of planning and executing a community software project, coordinating both your team and external stakeholders.


We work with your decision-makers, making sure that you reach your long-term goals and vision with community software.

Comstructor Strategist Role

Kim Katainen

Founder and CEO

Kim builds communities. His mission is to help people achieve great things together online.

Kim has been a community software entrepreneur since 2011. He has helped 25+ organizations with community software projects in the US, Finland, and Singapore. Kim has overseen thousands of communities from around the world on community platforms.

In total, he has 20 years of online community experience. Kim wrote a master’s thesis about the architecture and dynamics of communities.

Learn more about Kim Katainen.

Comstructor Ltd

Business ID: 2923408-9 (Finland)

Comstructor was founded in Helsinki, Finland in July 2018. Its mission is to help people thrive in communities with the use of software.

Comstructor welcomes customers from around the world for in-person and remote working. We work in English and Finnish.

Ask us about a discount on community software projects that advance well-being, learning, technology or entrepreneurship.


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